Hey guys, its a new month, I no say you don dey ta;k say time tuurn dey gio, but hey, look down 👇👇 So don't give up on God and you


Good day Chidalu. My name is Mark, a blog visitors from Nigeria. I work as a contract staff with one of the biggest banks in the country.
The issue now is my organization paid us half of our salaries, stating they they didn't make enough profits due to Covid 19 lockdown in the country. We accepted it in good faith, not until we heard that they paid their permanent staff full salary. This has made me really sad,tha I am torn between defrauding the company and resign after the lockdown, or just continue been a good employed and look for somewhere else I would be treated better.. *My dear blog visitor, I would advise you to remain a good employee which you have always been, and hunt for a better position else where.


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